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In Love With The Night  (2022)

A story about the far-reaching impact of

a chance encounter


A man is hit by a car in a crowded marketplace, and a bag full of cash he is carrying lands at the side of Amina, sitting in the gutter with her father, begging for food. What happens next changes not only Amina’s life, but the lives of people scattered across the world: the younger brother of a wealthy Moroccan family, a successful painter and his daughter in Canada and an orphaned five-year-old boy in England.

Over one summer, through a strange coincidence, these people discover their intriguing and disturbing connections, and learn that their destinies are inextricably woven together.


Echoing the themes of Torlée’s first novel, The Way Things Fall, and reintroducing some of the characters, In Love with the Night centres on the idea of the long reach of fate. It is a story of the conflicting forces of love and commitment and coming to terms with the truth.

                                              Published by Blue Denim Press

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Available through your favourite bookstore or order here:

(Paperback and ebook available at Amazon - Kobo at Indigo)

Liz Torlée’s writing continues to enchant with well-drawn characters and evocative descriptions, particularly of Fez and Toronto, two cosmopolitan cities with very different vibes. Readers can expect fast-paced twists and turns, and a surprise ending. I have no hesitation in recommending In Love With The Night most highly to all readers.

Josée Sigoin

I am so enjoying this book!! I'm utterly transported to the sights and smells of Morocco… it's really well done.  

Debbie Gordon


Lots of drama and mystery in this new novel and in such beautiful settings! I really appreciate that the author has carried over some of the characters from her first book The Way Things Fall.  What an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to a trilogy. 

Michelle Alfano

A beautiful story about love, relationships and fate. An easy read that holds your attention throughout. Great as a stand-alone but even better if you have read the author's other novel The Way Things Fall. Can't wait for the next one.


An intriguing, well-crafted story with an intricate plot and plenty of mysterious undertones.

Gary Hesketh

The connections between one story line in Morocco with another in Canada are brilliantly woven through a series of events that bring together all the characters in a compelling narrative propelled by a series of surreal linkages. Could it be fate? Or are there other forces at work? 

Pam Royl

The reader gets so involved with the lives of the characters and so taken with the authenticity of setting and dialogue that it's hard to put the novel down and break the spell.

Sophie O’Reilly

Torlée's skill at description enables her to conjure up the sights, sounds, tastes and ambience of the story's locales, allowing the reader to travel with the characters to the Moroccan city of Fez, and its bustling souk, into the Hassan family hotel, across the desert to the pyraminds of Egypt, as well as to Niagara Falls and, through the eyes of Amina, to the city of Toronto in the summer. 


The novel has engaging characters, a twisty plot, and plenty of secrets and surprises to keep a reader turning the pages. 

Felicity Sidnell Reid


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For more insight into the inspiration for The Way Things Fall and how art, the rituals of Ancient Egypt, astronomy, astrology and three very different locations are woven into the story, read selections from the Author's Perspective.


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