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Fez, Morocco

A feast for the senses

A few years ago, my husband and I and two friends were lucky enough to travel through Morocco with the help of a wonderful guide, Brahim. We started in Marrakech, drove southeast across the desert to the amazing city of Ouarzazate (Morocco’s ‘Hollywood’) and on to Merzouga, where, after a long camel ride, we spent a night under the stars. From there, we drove north to Fez, a city that I fell in love with – an absolute feast for the senses – a multitude of colours, the scents of sandalwood, citrus and jasmine, the ubiquitous mint tea, the happy chaos of the street markets.

The scenery of the Sahara and the Atlas mountains appears in In Love with the Night and the Riad Capella was inspired by our stunning hotel in the beautiful walled medina of the magical city of Fez.


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