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Good and bad karma

Are we rewarded and punished for what we do?

If ‘karma’ really does exist, I wish it was a little more obvious. It would be great to think that good deeds will be rewarded and bad deeds punished. Too often we see criminals getting off scot-free and truly good people never getting a break. But maybe karma is just not obvious to us. Maybe, at a deeper level (or in another life if you believe in this possibility) what we do will be repaid in ways we are not even aware of.

In both my novels, karma is clearly at work. In The Way Things Fall, it takes fifteen years to catch up with Rachel, the chief protagonist, and to punish her for a cowardly decision she made when she was young. In my second novel, In Love With The Night, there are several characters: Ahmed, a man accused of murder, Dominic, a Moroccan hotel owner, Amina, a young girl working at that hotel, Catherine, the daughter of a successful Canadian artist … and many more, all of whom go through a great deal of conflict, weighing their options, fighting with their conscience and often finding it very hard to make good decisions. In this story karma works in strange ways, taking unexpected and surprising paths to put things right.


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